Notice Board

Reminder for Applicant

8 - Dec

Dear Applicant,
This is only a reminder to those applicants whose status is still pending. You are advised to submit your applications till 10th December, 2021.
After 10th December. 2021 admission portal will be closed and you will not be able to submit applications.
Admission office of Rashid Latif Medical College invites you to complete admission process for 1st year MBBS class on Monday 13th December, 2021 at 9am.
Monday is the last day to complete admission process after that no candidate will be considered for interview.
A detailed email is also being sent to you
For any query call at admission office
0301-8487562, 0300-8487562, 0300-8532812
This is not an admission offer
Note: In case you have already appeared for an interview kindly ignore this message.
WARNING: Only those having passed MDCAT with 65% score or above are eligible for interview.