''The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is situated in South Asia and has a population exceeding 200 million people ''

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is situated in South Asia and has a population exceeding 200 million people.

The people of Lahore like to claim that "One who has not seen Lahore has not lived." Lahoris are friendly, generous and hospitable, and their zest for life and quality of food is well-known.

Lahore is one of the safest cities of Punjab. The Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has taken a couple of steps to help ensure that no one becomes a victim of crime.


Rashid Latif Medical College came into being in the year 2010 established by veteran Graduate and Post Graduate Medical Professors. It spans over an area of 28 acres and is situated on Ferozepur Rd Lahore.

Rashid Latif Medical College


Started in 2017, Rashid Latif Dental College is a state of the art dental facility. Since its inception it is working under the skilled supervision of Dr. Asif Ali Shah. The dental College has most modern infrastructure and highly qualified faculty to provide latest and quality treatment.

Rashid Latif Dental College


Rashid latif college of pharmacy is devoted to excellence in teaching , learning and research in pharmacy education and practices. The aim is to develop leadership in various disciplines in pharmacy to make an impact nationally in particular and internationally in general.

Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy


After successfully establishing Rashid Latif Medical College, Nursing School and Paramedical College, Rashid Latif Institute of Allied Health Sciences is being launched with 6 above mentioned programs in Allied health Sciences from 2013. Health care opportunities are not just limited to doctors.

Rashid Latif Institute of Allied Health Sciences


Doctor of Physical Therapy is not a new profession, some sort of physical therapy practice even existed in Europe from 1500 to 1700s. Physical Therapy profession is also not part of alternative medicine but it is part of modern medical system which is developed by the father of western medicine Hippocrates.

Rashid Latif College of Physical Therapy


The guiding philosophy of BSN Program is based on the College of Nursing values: collaboration, social responsibility, integrity, respect, accountability, diversity, and excellence.

Rashid Latif College Nursing College


Arif Memorial Paramedical College started its journey with a mission in 2012 under the umbrella of Rashid Latif Medical College. Paramedical college is fully geared to meet the challenge and demand of professionals, by gradually reducing the gap between the demand and supply, by continuously producing top grade specialists.

Arif Memorial Paramedical College


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