Prof. Dr. Humayun Riaz

Principal and Professor of Pharmaceutics

The new age of globalisation has become a major educational factor in the ever-changing field of education, including the pharmaceutical sciences. To respond to these expectations and challenges, the executive leadership team at the Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy have aimed to construct a tertiary learning environment that facilitates a world class pharmaceutical education.
The mission of the Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy is to provide excellent education in a stimulating environment, where superb pharmaceutical care is integrated with nationally and internationally recognised research. In order to achieve our mission, we’ve utilised innovative and proven educational methods to produce pharmacists who possess the skills and knowledge to serve their patients ethically and professionally.
The Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy has a vibrant staff team of professors and educators who embody themselves on preparing pharmaceutical graduates to tackle the evolving world of the industry. A Rashid Latif pharmaceutical graduate has a lot of career opportunities within the country and internationally including fields such as:

  • Drug Inspector
  • Drug Inspection
  • ⁠Pharmaceutical Industries
  • ⁠Research and Development
  • ⁠Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • ⁠Pharmaceutical Lab Work
  • ⁠Chemical/Drug Technology
  • ⁠Clinical Pharmacy
  • ⁠Hospital Pharmacy
  • ⁠Bio-Tech Industries
  • ⁠Pharmaceutical Academia

It’s an exciting time to embark on the educational pathway to becoming a pharmacist. We appreciate your interest in our educational programs via the college website and we look forward to receiving any questions you may have regarding the educational program at the Rashid Latif College of Pharmacy.


Principal and Professor of Pharmaceutics
B.Sc, B. Pharm, M. Phil, M.B.A, R. Ph,
PhD (Pharmaceutics)