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Professor Rashid Latif Khan


At the time of partition and independence of Pakistan, we had inherited reasonably developed training institutions for healthcare personnel. King Edward Medical College which was one of the two at the time has been a mother institution for not only Pakistan but almost for the entire Middle East and South Asia combined. At present, in Pakistan about ninty medical institutions exist in both the public and private sectors. With this growth in the number of medical institutions comes a greater responsibility of producing highly skilled, empathetic, ethical and dynamic doctors who could compete at a world stage. In many instances, attaining a medical degree is considered the end goal while in my opinion it is just a stepping stone towards serving mankind and leaping beyond one’s own capabilities

This modern era of information highways and digital age calls for today’s doctors to be well versed not just in the science of medicine but also to exhibit a well rounded personality with a sound focus on communication skills and research & development. Learning how to learn and seeking counsel when needed are two important factors that help determine success for a student.

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It is my strong belief that students who graduate from RLMC will prove to be masters in the field of medicine with a thorough understanding of the world around them. RLMC will also develop as a center of excellence for the future training of not only doctors and nurses but other paramedical personnel.

The attached Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital which has also been built together with the college will also help serve the needs of the local community besides being a source of learning for students of RLMC. The location of the hospital at the periphery of Lahore district will prove to be source of comfort and well being to the rural population around it.

Since my retirement I had always resisted the temptation of setting up a medical and nursing college because I had the feeling that I would not be able to do justice to the educational and moral needs of these institutions. But, today with a great team of experienced professionals and faculty by my side, I am confident that RLMC will be a source of pride for both the healthcare profession and Pakistan.

  • First Doctor from Pakistan to do MRCOG & FRCS (UK) 1967-68.
  • First Doctor from Pakistan to introduce Diagnostic Laparoscopy (1974).
  • Wrote First Textbook of Gynecology (1982).
  • First to introduce IVF technology (1984).
  • First Gynecologist from Pakistan to be invited as Examiner by the Royal College of Obstetricians &Gynecologist, London U.K. (1985).
  • Delivered First IVF baby of Pakistan (1989).
  • First Gynecologist of Pakistan to be awarded SITARA-E-IMTIAZ (1992).
  • Founder President of South Asian Federation of Gynaecology (1996).
  • First Professor Emiritus of PGMI (1998).
  • Founder President IVF Society of Pakistan.