Medical imaging technologist in radiologic sciences is a skilled radiographer qualified to provide patient service in radiology and interventional procedures. Medical Imaging Technologists organize and operate many imaging equipment's such as X-ray machines, CT Scans, MRIs, Angiography machines, Nuclear Medicine, mammography, PET scan etc. Medical imaging technologists are also capable of assisting in the surgical procedures performed during the examination, assessing the technical quality of the image, and providing basic patient care. The technologist must function as a member of the health care team.

Medical imaging technologists may perform the following tasks:

  • Receive and interpret requests from medical practitioners for X-ray examinations to be performed on patients.
  • Determine the appropriate imaging techniques to provide diagnostic information for the doctor.
  • Calculate details of procedures such as length and intensity of exposure to radiation and settings of recording equipment.
  • Explain procedures to patients and address any concerns they have about radiation processes.
  • Make sure patients receive the correct preparation for the procedure.
  • Correctly position the patient and imaging equipment to obtain the best image of the area being examined.
  • Make sure of the patient's welfare during the examination, including radiation safety.
  • Develop the X-ray films, etc.
  • Check images to determine if any further views are necessary.
  • Operate special equipment such as fluoroscopy equipment (which gives a moving image of the part being examined), angiography equipment (which gives images of blood vessels) and computed tomography (CT) equipment (which gives cross-sectional images of the body).


  • Clinical rotations/trainings at different hospitals of Lahore
  • Community outreach programs like camps, seminars and walks
  • Workshops
  • National and International Conferences


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