Through the utilization of instruction, demonstration, practical exercises, research article critical review, case study discussions and presentations, this course will provide an introduction to the best evidence in advanced manual therapy. A BRIEF overall review of all Manual Therapy techniques, along with manual therapy techniques covering the spine and Temporomandibular joint, will take place. Techniques briefly covered are: advanced Myofascial trigger point therapy, Proprioceptive training, muscle energy combination techniques, strain counter 203 strain, neuro-Mobilization combination techniques, and manipulation techniques with an emphasis on thrust manipulation. Thorough evaluation, assessment, and technique brief overview of selection training will take place utilizing evidence-based models such as APTAs "Open Door" and "Hooked in Evidence" programs. All skills will be introduced through on-site demonstration and hands-on practice. Students will also get exposure to the critical review of research articles about the application of manual therapy techniques. Case review, discussion, and case presentations are important components of this course.