Anatomy is the backbone of all basic and clinical sciences. The Anatomy department is one that gives a feeling of being a doctor to medical students. The courses within the domain of Anatomy include General Anatomy, Histology, Developmental Anatomy, Regional Anatomy and Neuro-anatomy. Our teaching methodology includes large and small groups of interactive sessions, practical and small group interactive sessions. The college has introduced LMS ( learning methodology system) and the Anatomy department has started using this system this year in the student teaching and learning process. Department started working in September 2010, Dr, Professor Qurat ul Ain Amir is a pioneer of this department and she is still incharge. And it's the result of her relentless efforts and experience that the department improved and is playing its pivotal role in the creation of better health care professionals. When objectives are multiple and high then it becomes teamwork, and the Anatomy department is fortunate in this regard as Dr, Professor Qurat ul Ain Amir has chosen the right people for the right job as it is her quality. Associate Professor Dr. Akhtar Hayat, Assistant Professor Dr. Shakeela Nazir, Assistant Professor Dr. Fatima Qamar, Assistant Professor Dr. Ashiq Hussain, Assistant Professor Dr. Masooma Ahmad, Acting Assistant Professor Dr.Atiyya Shahid are providing their services for the development of future health care service providers.



The mission of this department is to provide opportunities to students so that learning anatomy is made easier and interesting for them. Student feedback helps in strategic planning and creating teaching innovations which are imperative for the progress of the department. To maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.