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Forensic Medicine

  • The Department of Forensic Medicine is an integral part of the basic medical sciences in a medical college.
  • It is important for the medical students to understand the important procedures and applicability of the general principals of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, so that they must be able to offer technically competent services to the health and law departments in connection with medico-legal work, in future.
  • Forensic Medicine is an integral part of third year MBBS. The department is present on 2nd floor of the college building, along with other departments concerned with 3rd year MBBS.
  • This department was established in 2010, since the inception of this institution, but practically it becme active in 2012. Prof Shaukat Ali, is heading this department from day one. Dr Sadaf Sajid (Asst Prof) and Dr Riffat Hayat (Sr Demo), both having postgraduate qualification and practical experience are active part of the faculty.
  • To impart practical training to the students, in forensic sciences techniques, autopsy and Medicolegal work, facilities have been outsourced from FSA and LGH/PGMI Lahore.
  • The department is held in high esteem by maintaining more than 95% of pass percentage for last 4 Years, with distinctions in the subject which depicts the conceptual as well as exam oriented preparation of students.
  • The department is well equipped with purpose built lab and quality equipments for practical work, museum and tutorial room.


  • Forensic laboratory, properly equipped in an area of 2000 Sq.Ft.
  • Tutorial Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Faculty Offices

Objectives of the Department:

The department is offering quality education to the students, with the objective, that the students should be able to exhibit professionalism, ethics and competency during the application of important procedures and principles of forensic medicine and toxicology in medico-legal work.

List of Faculty:

Post Thumbnail Prof. Shaukat Ali
  • Name:Prof. Shaukat Ali
  • Department:Forensic Medicine
  • Designation:HOD / Professor
  • Qualification:MBBS, DMJ( Forensic Medicine)
  • E-mail:[email protected]
  • Phone No:049-2451091-6

Post Thumbnail Dr. Sadaf Sajid
  • Name:Dr. Sadaf Sajid
  • Department:Forensic Medicine
  • Designation:Associate Professor
  • Qualification:MBBS, DMJ( Forensic Medicine)
  • E-mail:[email protected]
  • Phone No:049-2451091-6