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Community Medicine

The department of community medicine is a basic science department within the Rashid Latif Medical College.
The department's teaching commitments cover:
The disciplines of basic Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Epidemiology of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases, Reproductive Health, Demography, Occupational Health, School Health Services, Mental Health, and not last the health systems.
The diversity of the courses taught, aims at imparting holistic approaches towards health and illness and prepares students to treat the disease not in the individual patients but also to reduce it at the population level. The consensus of the training methods teaches delivery of efficient health services to the people. In addition to classroom learning activities, the students undertake a research project, make study tours of various places where health services are being delivered and visit different work settings to observe their health conditions.
Household surveys are also a part of their training, which helps them understand the types of household conditions that may have an impact on a patient’s health. The department is run by a fellows of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan that have a rich experience in research work done in collaboration with international agencies and implementing various public health projects in Pakistan


  • Laboratory, properly equipped.
  • Tutorial Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Faculty Offices

Objectives of the Department:

Our mission is to provide a stimulating learning environment that is enhanced by research procedures.

List of Faculty:

Post Thumbnail Prof. Maaz Ahmad
  • Name:Prof. Maaz Ahmad
  • Department:Community Medicine
  • Designation:Professor / HOD
  • Qualification:MBBS, MCPS,FCPS
  • E-mail:[email protected]
  • Phone No:049-2451091-8

Post Thumbnail Dr. Syma Arshad
  • Name:Dr. Syma Arshad
  • Department:Community Medicine
  • Designation:Associate Professor
  • Qualification:MBBS,MPH
  • E-mail:[email protected]
  • Phone No:049-2451091-6

Post Thumbnail Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz Atif
  • Name:Dr. Muhammad Fayyaz Atif
  • Department:Community Medicine
  • Designation:Associate Professor
  • Qualification:MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, DCH
  • E-mail:[email protected]
  • Phone No:049-2451091-6

Post Thumbnail Dr. Fizza Anwar
  • Name:Dr. Fizza Anwar
  • Department:Community Medicine
  • Designation:Assistant Professor
  • Qualification:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone No:049-2451091-6