DME & Research Cell Workshops -23-2024

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A hands-on workshop, "Crafting Compelling Study Designs: Strategies for rigorous and impactful research" held on March 11th, 2024 at RLMC. Hosted by the dynamic Research Cell and led by the insightful Director, Prof. Sadia Qureshi, it was a day filled with excitement and discovery. The workshop invited participants to explore the realm of study designs for Research. Mr.Muhammad Daniyal facilitated the workshop. The faculty's positive feedback echoes the impact this humanized exploration of study designs has had on everyone involved. The workshop was endorsed by our esteemed leaders Principal Prof.Tahir Masood Ahmad and Vice Principal Professor Mudassar Ali Khan.

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We are excited to share an inspiring event that took place at Rashid Latif Medical College, where the Department of Medical Education (DME) played host to the esteemed faculty of The Trust School. The day began with a powerful gesture as Prof. Dr. Mudassar Ali, the respected Vice Principal of Rashid Latif Medical College, ceremoniously planted the very first sapling. Following his lead, Dr. Sadia Yaseen, the Director of DME, joined hands in this noble endeavor and then both the faculty members from The Trust School(faculty members from all the 10 branches) and DME of RLMC actively participated in a plantation drive, each planting a tree with their own hands. This collective effort beautifully highlighted the pivotal role that trees play in preserving our environment and ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations. Let's remember that trees are not just a part of our surroundings; they are life-givers, air purifiers, and the guardians of our ecosystem. By coming together, we can make a difference and contribute to the restoration of our environment.

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DME of RLMC is proud to announce the successful completion of workshop on " Principles of Assessment & blue print". The speaker was Dr. Sadia Yaseen & Dr. Sadia Qureshi, who provided valuable insights into the best practices of assessment. We extend our gratitude to Mrs.Sabahat Khan, Prof. Tahir Masood, Mrs. Zulekha Khan & Prof. Mudassar for their unwavering support & facilitation.

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Myths of Mind

The Department of Psychiatry and Medical Education at Rashid Latif Medical College recently hosted an engaging talk on "Myths of Mind" by Professor Usman Hotiana. One of the highlights was a thought-provoking discussion on how our society treats individuals with psychotic disorders. Dr. Usman shed light on the prevailing dilemma surrounding the treatment and perception of psychotic patients in our society. It was a captivating exploration of the challenges they face and the importance of empathy and understanding. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Usman Hotiana for addressing this crucial issue and raising awareness. Let's work together to create a more compassionate and inclusive society

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On March 22, 2023, the Research Cell held a one-day session on "SPSS Hands on practice on Correlation and Chi-Square". Dr. Sadia Yaseen (Co-Director) and Mr. Daniyal, the (Assistant Director research cell, RLMC) led this workshop. The goal of this session was to improve the data analysis skills of the RLMC faculty members so they could effectively use the Correlation and Chi-Square test in their research projects. Each participant actively participated in the workshop and provided really favorable feedback.

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15 Febuary, 2023

Research Cell conducted one day workshop on “Chi-Square Test Hands on Practice” on 15th February 2023. Workshop was facilitated by Mr. Daniyal (Assistant Director Research Cell of RLMC) and Dr Sadia Yaseen (Director Department of Medical Education RLMC). Chi-Square test is most commonly used test in statistical analysis. This workshop was organized for faculty of RLMC to make them proficient in data analysis regarding Chi-Square test in their research projects. All faculty members actively participated in this workshop and gave very positive feedback.

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Department of Medical Education at Rashid Latif Medical College Lahore successfully organized a workshop on "Developing and Delivering an Integrated Curriculum" on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Sadia Yaseen ( Director Medical Education) and co-facilitated by Dr. Maria and Mr. Daniyal. The attendees of the workshop were highly satisfied with the knowledge and skills they acquired from the workshop. The Principal, and administration of RLMC are committed to facilitating such informative events to enhance the education of medical professionals."