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Professor Tahir Masood Ahmad


A career in medicine can be very rewarding as a doctor, giving one the opportunity to impact someone’s life by helping to alleviate their pain and suffering. It is however highly competitive and demands that those who aspire to adopt this profession should aim to have compassion, altruism, and excellence. Medical education in Pakistan has changed over the past decade, the private sector has emerged as a key provider of education services both in absolute terms and relative to the public sector.
The contemporary trends in medical education worldwide demand that future doctors should have practical knowledge and skills and should effectively manage the health problems of the community competently and humanely.
In this era of rapidly enhancing information, the students of today must be committed to lifelong learning to update their knowledge as new and better techniques and cures are found and invented. Every medical college needs to play a part in establishing infrastructure to provide a conducive environment for continued learning, research, evidence-based practice, and application of new technologies to patient care.
Rashid Latif Medical College is a purpose-built institution that provides an ideal infrastructure to produce health professionals who are skillful, competent, well-groomed, eager to provide quality health care to society, and maintain high ethical standards.
The mission of Rashid Latif Medical College is to improve the quality of healthcare which is directly proportional to the quality of education our future doctors receive, which is why the college lays great emphasis on the quality of staff hired as they directly affect the students of today.
Rashid Latif Medical College has a well-developed department of medical education that is engaged in teachers' training and updating teaching methodologies following the changing trends of medical education. This systematic, structured and continuous improvement helps ensure that the product of our education is always relevant to the current demands of society, and quality is assured during every stage of a student's career.
I welcome the students to RLMC with the hope that the time they spend with us will be an excellent educational experience for them.