team member

Professor Mudassar Ali

Vice Principal

It is my privilege to speak with confidence about our medical program. From the student selection process, to the curriculum and training, our program is designed to develop students into competent practicing physicians. The curriculum we follow is comprehensive and meets the highest standards of medical education. The teaching faculty has experience and is familiarized with the medical licensing exams, and proficiently prepares students for these exams. Our goal is to produce skillful, knowledgeable, community health promoter, critical thinker, professional, scholar, leader and role model Medical graduates. Last but not least, our college has a caring administrative staff. Everyone is friendly, sincere and always approachable. We want to make sure you are comfortable while pursuing your career in the field of medicine. I wish you all the best for your future academic endeavors and welcome to Rashid Latif Medical College.
Best Wishes.