Graduate Outcomes

RLMC Project Expention History

The dental graduate should have achieved the following competencies:

1. Adopt and Employ Professional Attitudes and Standards / Values by:

  • Advocating for change
  • Communicating effectively with a range of audiences, e.g. professional, policymaking bodies, community and patient
  • Providing dental care in a contemporary ethical and legal environment
  • Displaying integrity in all aspects of professional life
  • Applying a wide understanding of social, political and cultural perspectives to inform practice

2. Effectively Manage Community‐Based Oral Health by:

  • Having a vision of oral health in the wider community
  • Being informed by a preventive approach to management
  • Engaging in promotion of oral health as it relates to general health
  • Demonstrating a commitment to optimizing their own oral health.

3. Effectively Manage Individual Patient Care By:

  • Using an evidenced‐based approach to provide holistic management
  • Acting as an advocate for patients
  • Providing a broad range of dental interventions
  • Having expertise in diagnosis, treatment planning and dental care in the long term
  • Integrating and applying an understanding of basic, clinical, behavioral and social science concepts to inform practice.

4. Effectively Manage a Dental Team by:

  • Working effectively as a team member of an integrated dental team and interprofessional teams
  • Managing self, resources and people within the constraints of the practice context Utilizing information technology for communication, patient and practice management.

5. Engage in Self‐Directed Life‐Long Learning By:

  • Using reflection and critical self‐assessment to inform evidence‐based practice
  • Accessing the most current information and research, critically evaluating it individually and in collaboration
  • Using up‐to‐date learning technologies
  • Monitoring social and economic trends and considering their implications for practice
  • Recognizing the need for further education and undertaking appropriate courses as necessary.