Orthodontics is a clinically driven practice and a dynamic field with changes occurring at a rapid pace.
Starting from prevention of malocclusion, interception, and correction of developing three-dimensional dentofacial deformities.
The Orthodontic Department of RLDC was established in 2017, to offer graduate studies in Orthodontics. Since its inception, it has engaged in research, teaching and patient care.
The department occupies spacious bounds on the ground floor of the Rashid Latif Dental College. The orthodontic department is purposefully built, fulfilling the demands of undergraduates as well as postgraduate studies.
It is fully equipped with the latest imaging technology as well as diagnostics to facilitate students in understanding different diagnostic aspects and treatment plans. Department of Orthodontics is spearheading the path of clinical excellence due to its strong foundation of evidence-based orthodontics under the supervision of a competent and skilled professional. The department offers a full range of orthodontic services and delivers modern orthodontic care (braces) for adults and children.


  • Modern orthodontic clinic and clinical laboratory
  • Department Library
  • Reception and waiting area
  • Computerized data processing
  • Orthodontic technique laboratory for photography, appliance construction and plaster work
  • Faculty offices and consultant clinics