Mentoring Policy for Acdamic Mentoring of Students

Rashid latif Medical College (RLMC) first opened in 2010, today it continues to grow under the umbrella of Rashid Latif Medical Complex. The students at RLMC are the main stake holders. RLMC takes the pride in catering to the needs of its students’ . Each student having his/her own personality, family background and rationale for pursuing medicine, is prone to perform in a way which may be against the norms expected from medical students. Academic Mentoring is a support program, each student is paired with a mentor who can help to identify the deficiencies and assists the students in optimizing their path to completion of the MBBS at RLMC. The goal of a mentorship program is to accelerate the personal and professional development of mentees. Mentors will be guiding the mentees, and record their feedback to develop more experienced mentees than themselves. A Monitoring Committee will be formed to establish a trusting relationship with accountability and responsibility between the mentor and mentee.


To provide a platform where experiences can be shared on a one-to-one informal basis, maintaining confidentiality to establish a trusting relationship, thus providing support to students at various stages in their course program and career.
To guide the students in identifying their academic values and goals, consistent with their capabilities, interests, and educational backgrounds.
Assist the students in learning strategies, time management and tune their personal habits to the demands of the medical curriculum.
Communicate to students about their learning gaps, poor attendance, lower academic performance than the standards expected from medical students, motivate them for optimal performance and ensure remedial measures for the above.
Ensure relief in cases of emotional stress.

Constitution of the committee:

The Principle will constitute a committee as under:
Chairperson: Principal
Co-Chairperson : Vice Principal
Academic counselors:
For 1stand 2nd year: Professor/ Assoc /Assist Prof from Basic Medical Sciences.
For 3rd and 4th year: Professor/ Assoc/ Assist Prof from Preclinical Sciences.
For Final year: Professor/ Assoc / Assist Prof from Clinical Sciences

Implementation of the policy

A mentoring committee for implementation of the policy according to the rules (Annexure-1).


Obtain the following record from Students Affairs Department:
List of students having academic performance<50% after completion of each block/term
List of students having attendance <75% on monthly basis
Counsel the students in collaboration with the respective HODs by maintaining integrity, confidentiality, respect and sensitivity.
Determine the factors which are affecting the academic performance of the student and need immediate attention. Counsel the students individually and include parents’ intervention, if needed.
Be accessible and available to students and respond to their questions and concerns.
Guide the students in identifying their academic values and goals, consistent with their capabilities, interests, and educational backgrounds.
Assist the students in learning study skill, strategies, time management and tuning personal habits to demands of the medical curriculum.
Collaborate regularly with faculty members of related departments to identify similar issues/deficiency existing in other subjects.
Refer the difficult/ resistant cases to the chairperson of the counseling committee
Maintain record of counseling sessions in Performa (Annexure-2).

CO- Chairperson / Vice Principal

The Chairperson will be responsible to:
Counsel the resistant/ difficult cases referred by members of the counseling committee.
Conduct monthly meeting with members of counseling committee to know their progress.
Refer the student having any problem (regarding physical or mental health) to the respective specialist.
Recommend the concerned HOD for arrangement of remedial classes.
Prepare minutes of every meeting with members of counseling committee regarding the discussed issues.
Collaborate with the Principal and Vice Principal about the problems faced and actions taken for improving the performance of the students.
Obtain written statement from the students having attendance <75% (even after taking remedial classes) that his/her admission will not be sent for annual exam. Student of such status will appear in supplementary exam after completing the required attendance of minimum 75%.

Rules to Implement the Policy:

Academic Mentors of each class will be apprised of the following lists by the student affairs department:
List of students having attendance <75% on monthly basis.
List of students having academic performance <50% after completion of each block
Students of each class will be counseled by their Mentors in collaboration with respective Head of Department.
The student affairs department will inform the parents through letters regarding these issues after completion of each block/ term.
Parents of students having attendance <50% will be called for a meeting by the Students Affairs Department and referred to the respective HOD and academic counselor.
Status of student’s eligibility for annual examinations will be communicated to the parents.
Results of end block/ term examination will also be discussed with the parents.

Evaluation and Review:

TORs of committee will be reviewed annually.