The talented students of Rashid Latif Medical College showcased their passion for research by actively participating in various research competitions. Their dedication to advancing medical knowledge and innovation was evident as they presented their groundbreaking work, contributing to the college's reputation for fostering excellence in medical education and research.

Objectives of the Research Cell

1. Facilitate Ethical Research Practices:

Manage and conduct Institutional Review Board (IRB) meetings to ensure that all research activities adhere to ethical standards and regulations.
Foster a culture of ethical conduct in research among students and faculty.

2. Oversee Student Research Committee:

Provide guidance and support to the Student Research Committee, encouraging students to actively engage in research activities.
Facilitate workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs to enhance students' research skills.

3. Coordinate Faculty Research Committee:

Collaborate with faculty members to identify research priorities and guide the Faculty Research Committee in planning and executing research projects.
Encourage faculty involvement in interdisciplinary research initiatives.

4. Promote Research Culture:

Develop and implement strategies to instill a vibrant research culture within the college, emphasizing the importance of research in medical education.
Organize seminars, conferences, and research symposiums to showcase and celebrate research achievements.

5. Provide Research Resources:

Ensure access to state-of-the-art research facilities, equipment, and resources for both students and faculty.
Facilitate collaboration with external research institutions and organizations to enhance research capabilities.

6. Support Research Publication:

Assist researchers in the preparation and submission of research findings to reputable journals.
Promote the dissemination of research outcomes through various platforms, contributing to the global body of medical knowledge.

7. Monitor Research Progress:

Establish mechanisms for tracking and evaluating the progress of ongoing research projects.
Implement regular reporting and feedback systems to enhance accountability and transparency in research activities.

8. Encourage Interdisciplinary Collaboration:

Encourage collaboration among different medical disciplines to address complex healthcare challenges.
Facilitate joint research projects that leverage the diverse expertise within the medical college.

9. Enhance Research Skills:

Organize skill-building workshops, training programs, and mentorship initiatives to enhance the research skills of both students and faculty.
Provide continuous learning opportunities in research methodologies and data analysis.

10. Establish Partnerships:

Forge partnerships with external research institutions, industry stakeholders, and funding agencies to broaden the scope and impact of research activities. By pursuing these objectives, the Research Cell at Rashid Latif Medical College aims to create a dynamic and supportive environment that nurtures a robust research culture, fostering innovation and contributing to advancements in medical knowledge and practice.

Position Name Department
Chairperson Prof. Sadia Qureshi Biochemistry
Co-Chairperson Mr.Muhammad Daniyal Medical Education
Convener Dr. Sadia Yaseen Medical Education
Member Dr. Shama Akram Biochemistry
Member Dr. Syma Arshad Community Medicine
Member Prof.Maaz Ahmad Community Medicine
Students 1. Samin Fatima 4th year
Students 2. M.Khurram Khan Final year
Students 3. Fahad Farooq Zulfiqar 4th year
Students 4. Arisha Asjad 4th year
Students 5. Mehmood Ahmad Uzair 4th year
Students 6. Javeria Naveed 4th year
Students7. Hassan Ahmad 4th year
Students 8. M.Shoaib Asghar 4th year
Students 9. Aleena Ali 1st year
Students 10. Umer Azeem 1st year
Students 11. Abu Hurrara Naveed 4th year
Students 12. Sidra Shabbir Final year
Students 13. Muhammad Bilal 4th year
Students 14. Bilal Ahmed 4th year
Students 15. Ayesha Majeed Final year
Students16. Wedad Ahmad 3rd year
Students17. Fahad Bin Qaisar 3rd year
Students 18. Elman Azam 3rd year


All these achievements were possible due to the support of Our worthy Principal Prof. Dr. Tahir Masood Vice Principal - Prof. Dr. Mudassar Ali Khan Director Research Cell- Prof. Dr. Sadia Qureshi and Co- Director Research Cell- Dr. Sadia Yaseen.

Our young researchers represent RLMC at AJK Medical College Muzffarabad.


students of RLMC secured the third position at Rehman Medical College

In 2021, students of Rashid Latif Medical College secured the third position in a highly competitive event at Rehman Medical College, highlighting their dedication to academic excellence and their students' remarkable accomplishments. This achievement underscores the college's commitment to providing quality medical education and fostering a culture of success, further solidifying its reputation in the field of medical sciences.

students of RLMC securing the first position at UHS.

In 2022, the exceptional students of Rashid Latif Medical College achieved a remarkable feat by securing the first position in the poster presentation category at the Drug-Free Consortium hosted by the University of Health Sciences (UHS). Their outstanding performance not only underscores their dedication to promoting drug-free initiatives but also highlights the university's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in research and education.


Poster Presentation event at Riphah University

In 2022, our dedicated students showcased their research acumen by participating in a poster presentation event at Riphah University. Their active engagement in such academic pursuits reflects their commitment to advancing knowledge and their eagerness to contribute to the scholarly community. This participation exemplifies our institution's emphasis on encouraging students to engage in meaningful research experiences.

RLMC students research finding at Shifa Medical College

In 2022, our students had the privilege of presenting their research findings at Shifa Medical College, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. Their participation in article presentation demonstrates their dedication to sharing valuable insights and contributing to the broader medical community's knowledge base. It also reflects our institution's commitment to fostering research-oriented education and nurturing future leaders in the field of medicine.


Topic: Awareness and Policy Barriers Of Covid-19 Vaccination
• Mr.Muhmmad Shoaib Asghar.Mr.Mehmood Ahmed Uzair,Mr.Abu Hurriara,Miss Tayyaba Hamid,Miss Sidra Shabbir,Miss Hifza, snd Miss Javeria Naveed presented on following topic on November 15,2021 at Ucmd Research Hakathon and won 2nd Prize.
Topic: Plagiarism Awareness,Musculoskeletal Pain associated with Smartphone Usage and Interventions,Postural Hypotension in Medical Students
• Mr.Muhammad Shoaib Asghar,Mr.Mehmood Ahmed Uzair,Mr.Abu Hurraira,Miss Tayyaba Hamid,Miss Sidra Shabbir,Miss Hifza And Miss Javeria Naveed presented on following topic in December 2021 at Central Park Student Annual Research Conference.
Topic: Musculoskeletal pain associated with Smartphone Usage and Interventions assessment of side effects of formalin exposure in medical students
• Mr.Muhammad Shoaib Asghar,Mr.Mehmood Ahmed Uzair,Mr.Abu Hurriara,Miss Javeria Naveed,Miss Misbah Akhter,Mr.Anas Irshad,Mr.Shehryar Tariq,Mr.Fahad Farooq,Mr.Bilal Ahmed,Miss Arisha Asjad Presented on Following Topic on March 2022, at Rehman Medical College and won 3rd Prize in Pakistan and 1st In Punjab among 300 participants.